James Call

Profile Updated: July 9, 2014
Residing In: Huntsville, AL USA
Spouse/Partner: Gloria Friese Call
Occupation: Retired
Children: Matthew James Call, born 1978
Courtney Call Ratliff (married), born 1981
Jon Michael Call, born More…1985

Let's see... Graduated from Columbus Tech, became a Computer Operator for W.C. Bradley Company. Went to college was doing good until Bradley made me a Computer Programmer. Quit college (bad decision) to concentrate on being a programmer. Got married to my HS sweetheart (Class of 71), Gloria Friese (you remember her..."the girl with the beautiful hair". She was 20, I was 21. She graduated from Columbus College... school teacher. We moved in the projects off near Baker High (high crime area, roaches and rats) because she could not drive (Dec of that year). She taught at elementary school next to the projects. We moved out in June... bought a Toyota Corolla and I taught her to drive that summer. She was got her Masters and she had our first child Matthew shortly thereafter. I played tennis at Cooper Creek a lot but got frustrated always waiting to get a court. Gloria bought me a pair of running shoes (just like Forrest Gump wore in the movie). I put them on and ran 5 miles. Hey... I may be good at this. I ran my first 10K two weeks later. Finished in the top third. Hmmm... Got a job offer in Piney Flats Tennessee. Two weeks later, I watched everything we owned drive down the road in a huge moving truck (we owned a house on Valleybrook Drive... near Kendrick). Went from making 13K to 21K (severely unpaid by WC Bradley). We lived in Piney Flats (aka God's Country) for 2 years. Our company's ITS Dept was being transferred to Dothan Alabama. Since I was running a marathon in Huntsville, Alabama (aka Rocket City USA), I interviewed for programmer's position at UDS / Motorola (later just Motorola). I took the job and moved to Huntsville). Gloria wanted just 2 things in a city, a large mall (shopping) and a good school system). Huntsville had both. We have been here since Jan 1984. I continued to run. Became a Senior Programmer until Motorola closed us down in 1997). We made modems (external). Running summary... Best 5K - 17:05; Best 10K - 35:50; Best marathon - 2:47:59; Ran Boston Marathon 3 times; Best 50 mile race - 6 hrs.27 minutes; currently hold 2 State of Alabama age group records; Best 24 Hour Race - USA National Championship - 105 miles. Currently one of remaining 2 runners to have run all 20 Mountain Mist Trail Races (50K or 31 miles). Toughest Trail Run in Alabama.

Volunteer activities.... became certified Alabama Master Gardener in 1995. From there... my volunteer activities led to many various gardening activities. Became Volunteer Garden Director of the CASA Community Garden. An all volunteer garden whose harvest help feed the elderly of Madison County, Al. Worked with thousands of volunteers over 12+ years. Left this position about 5 years ago. Was the most successful community garden of its type in U.S. I had a website focusing on its effort (no longer active). In 1996, was chosen one of 44 individuals in Madison County to carry a torch in the torch relay to Atlanta. I still have the torch. After running about 400 yards, there was a big ceremony at Motorola (big Olympic sponsor). I was offered a $1000.00 on the spot for the torch by someone in the band. Not! In 1999, I was named Alabama Master Gardener of the Year. Also in 1999, I was awarded the Thousand Points of Life Daily Award. July 31, 1999 was Jim Call day in the U.S. for my volunteerism by the Thousand Points of Life organization. Quite an honor!!! A few years later, I was awarded the Alabama Master Gardener Life Time Member Award (6700+ volunteer hours). I was the first Alabama MG to be awarded for this honor.

I continue to garden and run.

Gloria and I have 3 children (no longer kids). Matthew James Call, age 34, married with one son, Joseph James Call. He is a Shop Foreman for Hyundai (the only one in North Alabama). Courtney Marie Call, age 31 now Ratliff has been married a little over 3 years. She just got her Masters in Nursing. She is certified to be a Nurse Practitioner. She teaches at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. Her husband Mark works for the Feds as a Structural Engineer. They have one son name Luke Christopher. Our youngest son, Jon Michael Call, age 27 has a Biology / Chemistry degree. He works for a high tech company. All of our children are very smart and have a great sense of humor.

I retired in March 2014. Currently spend time doing home projects. I still run almost every day (5 to 7 miles during summer, 5 to 21 miles in winter) I go to the Y and use their circuit machines. I row 5k (3.1 miles) three times a week.

I think that's about all. Oh yeah... my son Jon is a very unique individual. He eats very differently than 99.9 percent anyone you have ever met. Of course, he is healthy. This year (2010), I have decided to try to eat better. So.... having said that... I am asking anyone reading this to read 2 books which may change your life. The first one is called "In Defense of Food" and the second one is called "Food Rules". If you change your eating habits to follow the 64 Food Rules... you will live a longer and healthier life.

School Story:

Having stated before... my sister and I were poor as compared to most KHS school mates. We rode the bus to school because we had no transportation. Didn't have too many seniors riding buses. Anyway, as I can remember, I got along with everyone, poor or rich, unpopular or popular. I have a good sense of humor. Didn't have a favorite teacher. Norman Londot (maybe misspelled) and I used to be Lab Assistants. Many times we were leave school to look for butterflies for school (yeah right!!!). I wanted to play football but couldn't because I didn't have a way home from practice. I took Typing in 10 or 11th grade because there was just 2 guys in class.

Do you have profiles on any social networks (FACEBOOK, Classmates.com, Mylife, etc)?

Yeah.... right. :)

Did you attend any college, trade school or other post-secondary education after you left Kendrick?

Columbus Tech (changed name I believe now) graduated with Associate Degree in Data Processing (now referred to as ITS)
2 years - Columbus College (Columbus State Univ) - Business oriented classes

What Kindergarten did you attend and where?

My sister, Janet and I did not go to Kindergarten. Since we were poor and raised solely by my father (5 children). I remember the first day at Eastway Elementary they asked me if I went to Kindergarten and my reply was "whats that?".

What Elementary School(s) did you attend and where?

Eastway Elementary -

What Jr High school(s) did you attend and where?

Eddy Jr. High

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