2020 Reunion Survey

Your answers will be used to determine "superlatives" for the KHS 50th Reunion Saturday Night Event. Example superlatives would be: who traveled farthest to come to the reunion, who's lived in the most places, who has the most children or grandchildren, etc. All questions are optional, and it's fine to answer some and not others. 

You can also select the option NOT to have your contact information published in the digital Reunion Directory or available to your classmates on the Kendrick70.com class website.

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1)   Is it okay to publish your contact information in the digital Reunion Directory, and on the Kendrick70.com website?

2)   Name

3)   Preferred email address:

4)   Postal Address:

5)   Cell phone number:

6)   Spouse's name:

7)   Year you graduated from Kendrick:

8)   Did your spouse graduate from Kendrick?

Yes No
9)   If yes, what year?

10)   Are you currently married?

Yes No
11)   If yes, how many years have you been married to your current spouse?

12)   How many children do you have?

13)   How many step-children, if any?

14)   What is the farthest place from Columbus, Georgia that you have ever lived?

15)   List any other countries you've lived in since graduating Kendrick High.

16)   List any other countries you've VISITED since graduating from Kendrick.

17)   List any states in the US you've ever lived in or visited.

18)   Did you serve in the US military?

Yes No
19)   If yes, what branches, and for how many years?

20)   If yes, were you ever deployed overseas? Where, and how many years?

21)   List any degrees, certifications, awards, etc. that you received after graduation from KHS.

22)   What's the most unusual paid job you ever performed?

23)   Are you retired?

Yes No
24)   If yes (you lucky dog), what year did you retire?

25)   What activities keep you busy in retirement?

26)   Who was your last employer?

27)   Who was your FIRST employer, and what job(s) did you do?

28)   If you're not retired, for whom do you work?

29)   Which job have you enjoyed the most? This can include homemaking and child rearing, raising fur babies, or anything to which you've devoted a significant amount of time.

30)   List any schools (including technical and trade schools), colleges and universities you've attended.

31)   Did you have a car while you were at Kendrick?

Yes No
32)   If yes, what kind?

33)   What was your idea of a dream car?

34)   Did you ever go to the "submarine races" at Oliver Dam in your high school car?

Yes No
35)   Did you have a secret crush while at KHS? (You know you did, you fibber.)

Yes No
36)   If yes, who was it? (Oh, come on; you can tell us.)

37)   Who was your favorite teacher at KHS, and why?

38)   What was your favorite class, and why?

39)   Describe one of your most memorable moments at KHS (funny, sweet, sad, whatever).

40)   What hobbies or extracurricular activities did you enjoy during your high school years?

41)   When you were at KHS, what career did you envision for yourself?

42)   Did your ACTUAL career differ significantly from the one you saw for yourself in high school?

Yes No